Saturday, 5 July 2008

Lazy?? you betcha!!!!!!! mills and boats!!!

But the lack of blogpost doesnt nessecarilly mean i havent been doing anything!!

the first thing i have to tell you about is Huddersfield fine worsteds, a nice little mill that used to manufacture fine woolen cloth for expensive carnaby street tailors, i found this place FASCINATING!! visited with gibbo.....

it had a supermegawonky floor!!

I did manage to get more pics than this BUT my memory card in the camera went tits up, and i lost all but a few pics, to say i was pissed off is an understatement!!

Anyhow, moving on and a week later i found myself on salford docks exploring BOATS!!! visited these with Havoc and Peanuts!!

the first boat we looked at was the georgia d, just sat at the side of the ship canal, rusting away!!

and the second was the sandsend (i think!!)

all in all, an enjoyable couple of evenings work!!!


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