Monday, 25 August 2008

Tinsley cooling towers, the end of an era :(

Well, at 3am this morning a VERY large part of sheffield was to come crashing down, but not without a fight!!
there had been rumor on rumor on rumor for the last 12 months about WHEN the towers at tinsley were finally going to be dropped, and a few weeks back the date was made public!! myself and havoc, finding ourselves at a loose end decided to pay them one last visit, so we made our way with the masses to meadowhall in sheffield we found a spot to stand and waited for the BANG
5........4..............3..............2.................1......................BANG!! and boy what a bang!!! you can see the vid i made a vid of the drop viewable here

anyhow, the drop done it was time to sit in the car for an hour to get out of the car parks at meadowhall!!!

once home it was decided to check the BBC news site for the full script, and it turns out about a third of the north tower was still standing!! woop woop, tinsley wasnt going to take it lying down afterall!! but i was sad to hear she finally gave in, and after 2 hours she fell of her own accord :(

RIP tinsley, you have been stood for 70 years, and been a proud icon of sheffield for millions.

you were in my eyes anyway the true angels of the north...............


Friday, 1 August 2008

Kings point office development, oldham, rooftops FFS!!

Ok i get bored with rooftopping, BUT i have hardly any rooftop views of oldham, so bored the other night and after a quick phonecall to peanuts, we had a go at this one!!

as you can see a TOTAL success got some nice pics of oldham at night and it killed a few hours to boot!! good stuff!!

Who are these two reprobates on our rooftop??

Short but sweet this one!!!


Big Butts, Rochdale, culverty goodness!!!

WOOP!!! ive finally got to name my own drain!! my discovery, My name!!

Big butts in rochdale is a HUGE culvert that runs under the town centre in the area known as the butts!! (get the name now), tis HUGE and VERY cool!! its got hidden bridges side pipes and a sewer oveflow with a processor too!! it wicked!! and its MINE :P

cool hu!! i think so and thenewmendoza did too!! so were going to go back at somepoint and spend a few hours under there!!!

The scottish urbex roadtrip 2008, HARDCORE!!!!!

right i have a few more updates too but this one is by far the most important!! a few weeks back we went on a little roadtrip to the Glasgow area of Scotland, all i can say is WOW the stuff they have up there thats explorable is UNBE fucking LEIVABLE!!

we arrived up there just after tea time on the friday and took a look at winston barracks a garrison sized baracks that is NOW being demolished so there wasnt alot left but we looked non the less!!

anyhow, winston done it was off to law hospital, Recent BBC coverage of this one made us doubt that it would be dooable, but in TYPICAL scottish style it was WIDE open!! although the records that the BBC had moaned about were long gone ;)

Right law done then off to the third site on the list, Hartwood asylum a two tower stone built asylum building, it looked lovelly on google images!! but sadly it wasnt to be, this place has suffered a MASSIVE fire and is sadly completely gutted :( i could really see the no expense spared attitude this place was built with and it was a real shame it was burnt to a crisp, hey hum, onward and upward i s'pose!!

Hartwood done and it was FAST going dark so we decided to make for inverkip and find a place to bed down for the night, as it happens this was a layby at the roadside!! but that was a different story!!

the next morning we got up, had some breakfast and headed to the industrial goodness that is INVERKIP power station, WOW this place is HUGE!! and good to explore too, WELL worth the 600 mile round trip!! we were told stories of shit hot security, mega cameras, and other generall problems with entry, but TBH we found none ;)

once inside we were met with the real scale of the place and it took my breath away!!

Heavy engineering aside (god i love it so), the highlight of inverkip has to be its controll room, this place is MAD and just keeps giving, the temptation to start pressing buttons and flicking switches is overwhelming but once i learned to controll my urges i managed to take some pics of it!!

Anwhow all good thins must come to an and and Inverkip done, we decided upon st peters seminary in cardross as the FITH yes FITH site of the weekend!!

I liked this place well trashed but full of funky angles and stuff to look at, and its a shame its got into this state but there you go!! i suppose the weather helped with my love of this one too, if it had been raining i would have HATED this place and no amount of funky angles would have made up for it!!

Anyhow, that done it was knocking on for late afternoon we were VERY tired hungry and TBH i was urbexed up, Havoc and loz were feling the same so we decided to head for home, But there was one more site we all wanted to see, and as it was on the way home (ish) we had to do it!!

The Glasgow bottanical gardens underground station, VERY cool site and quite photogenic!!

At that we'd had enough, and 3 VERY tired and weary explorers left scotland to head for home, 6 sites including inverkip in 26 Hours, i think thats hardcore enough for anyone!!