Saturday, 26 April 2008

Im singing in the DRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found a new addiction in my life, no it isnt some new drug, or tobbacco its DRAINS!!
there brilliant!! who would have thought there could be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much under our feet!!

we started the week with a known easy one, Foxdenton in Chadderton near Oldham:-

half brick half concrete construction, walk in access it couldnt have looked easyer OR SO WE THOUGHT!!
about half way along the water got wayyyyyy to deep for the waders, and we had to beat a hasty retreat, we were told it WAS shallow all the way through, but it seems that there may be a blockage somewhere!!

Anyhow, after we were forced to abandon foxdenton, we went to look at another i know has needed checking out for a while, under the M62 in milnrow ;)

a pretty boring culveted river, BUT it needed exploring non the less!!

Then to top off the week nicely we did the mighty BUNKER in Warrington, this place is drain mecca, and we've done it!!

3.5 miles (ish) of 2meter RCP, chambers, waterfalls, pipes, and a swirlpot, this place has got the lot!!

bungle :)

Monday, 7 April 2008

feeling on top of the world!!! beethams tower (the hilton hotel) manchester, 04/04/08

So, i havent done much in the way of exploration recently, mainly due to other commitments. ok, so i went on holiday and bought a new motorbike, so they have been taking up most of my time!! but a chance PM from an old mate on 28days the other night soon put an end to that. and so it was arranged, meet in manchester on friday outside the science museum at 2130, were going to rooftop beethams!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO manchesters highest rooftop, infact the north west's highest rooftop, infact the 8th highest rooftop in the country!!! needless to be said i was chuffed to bits!!

so i picked up HAVOC and we went to manchester to meet GIBBO at the pre prescribed time, this was a serious business, a five star hotel, they were diffinately not going to lt us in in "normal" exploring attire (combats trousers, hoodie and magnum boots) so smart dress was the order of the day, so suited and booted, cameras in laptop bags we went for it, straight through the main entrance, "i know a better way to the lifts" said gibbo "follow me", so we followed got to the lifts pressed the button lift doors opened walked inside and "can i help you boys" said a big bloke dressed in black, bollocks i thought, busted. but gibbo saved the day!! "were going to se a friend upstairs, Mr johnson, room 1704" ok he said, and he wondered off. well this left us in a predicament, if we go up the lift and he checks, were gonna be screwed, so the decision was made to wait and see what happened on the floor we were on!! after a few mins the guy didnt return, so we sent back down to the reception to see him, "did you phone my johnson for us??" gibbo said to him, no he said im just a bouncer from the bar on floor 23, i have no authority to check guests!! so your free to go up and see him!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE we thought, so it was straight back in the lift to head to the top!!!!

the way to the top is long and complicated, and im NOT going to go into it on here, for obvious reasons!! but the journey to the roof took us around 25 minuites and i can remember trembling as we were stood at the bottom of the final ladder looking up to the roof hatch, gibbo was the first up, opende the hatch and popped through the gap, i was second, my head broke through the gap and FUCK ME!!!!!! i exclaimed, the view is FANTASTIC!!! havoc's reaction was similar!!


the roof is full of air vents an pipey goodness, also the famous crane is there too!

The big wheel, and arndale tower

the city of manchester stadium

Gibbo being brave

i would like to take this opportunity to thank gibbo, without whom, this would not have possible.

and whats next i hear you al shout, well i suppose you will just have to watch this space wont you!!!