Monday, 15 September 2008

Crisp Delf mine, Skelmersdale, 14/09/08

EEK!! didnt realise it had been so long since i posted on here!!! so an apology to all my regular viewers for the lack of blogspot adventure pic action!! although if the truth be told i havent really done that much recently, i have been dooing a huge amount of reccying, and not too much exploring!!

However, i did have the pleasure to visit crisp delf mine the other day, thanks to bigjobs for the tour btw!!

apparenty it opened in the 16th century to mine flagstone, and it has been open ever since!! although we have NO idea when they stopped mining here.......

anyhow, on with the pics!! afterall its the reason why you all come on here!!! lol

The mine seems quite deep, i reckon it as deep as 300Ft although it could be more, the STEEP drift doesnt seem too bad until you have to go back up it to leave!!

theres also PLENTY of rock waiting to fall, you need to be carefull and watch what your standing under!!

hope that made up for the lack of update action!!!