Saturday, 26 April 2008

Im singing in the DRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found a new addiction in my life, no it isnt some new drug, or tobbacco its DRAINS!!
there brilliant!! who would have thought there could be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much under our feet!!

we started the week with a known easy one, Foxdenton in Chadderton near Oldham:-

half brick half concrete construction, walk in access it couldnt have looked easyer OR SO WE THOUGHT!!
about half way along the water got wayyyyyy to deep for the waders, and we had to beat a hasty retreat, we were told it WAS shallow all the way through, but it seems that there may be a blockage somewhere!!

Anyhow, after we were forced to abandon foxdenton, we went to look at another i know has needed checking out for a while, under the M62 in milnrow ;)

a pretty boring culveted river, BUT it needed exploring non the less!!

Then to top off the week nicely we did the mighty BUNKER in Warrington, this place is drain mecca, and we've done it!!

3.5 miles (ish) of 2meter RCP, chambers, waterfalls, pipes, and a swirlpot, this place has got the lot!!

bungle :)


c ksd11 said...

bungle these look sick! cool shots too :)

Ulstertower said...

Hey, I have only just started doing Urban Exploring my-self... What I have seen from the net is that you are very good mate!!

I would love to join a team such as yours....

Gareth aka Ulstertower