Friday, 1 August 2008

Big Butts, Rochdale, culverty goodness!!!

WOOP!!! ive finally got to name my own drain!! my discovery, My name!!

Big butts in rochdale is a HUGE culvert that runs under the town centre in the area known as the butts!! (get the name now), tis HUGE and VERY cool!! its got hidden bridges side pipes and a sewer oveflow with a processor too!! it wicked!! and its MINE :P

cool hu!! i think so and thenewmendoza did too!! so were going to go back at somepoint and spend a few hours under there!!!

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather built this river culvert. Have you come across a concrete post with a flat table at the top? It was filled with mercury and heavy lorries were driven across itt o check it's load bearing capacity. If the mercury spilt ......! But it didn't .