Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Oldham athletic football club, Boundary park, Oldham, 10/06/08

Ok being a generally cautios explorer i had BAD karma about this all day, now fellow explorers know if it feels bad, then its generally going to end in gettin busted, but not on this occasion!! a mate had told me about the impending demolition of the lookers stand (new start mortgages stand) on boundary park a few weeks back, so i decided to put the place under obs.

we had a little reece on monday evening but sadly DIDNT have the time to explore it, SO Tuesday night was decided upon for a hit!!

Now, my mate had spent 2 weeks telling me how they have stepped up security at the site due to copper cable thefts, by the local pikies and knowing what the local police are like, any chance of getting a theiving pikey will have them out in force, i REALLY wasnt feeling it for this reason, but decided to press on, we approached the stand and found the previosly recced entry point as we left it, good i thought, "lets go look for signs of life through the gate near the rochdale road" i said, OK, said my mate BUT on the way to the rochdale road end, a stroke of luck, the pikies had been in AND LEFT A DOOR OPEN !!! well it would be rude not too!! so in we goes, carefuly at first an open door COULD be too easy..........

we proceede to the top of the stairs to be greeted by......................... nothing!! an empty football stadium, no sign of security, no sign of the pikies (thank fuck) no police no nothing!!

the ONLY sign of life was the automatic sprinkler system which gave a nice effect in some of the pics!!

so we proceeded to explore, we had decidied between us NOT to explore the rest of the ground, although we could have with NO problems, afterall it was WIDE open, but we'll stick to what we came to see!! the lookers stand!!

and its paddock!!

on exploring the inside we found a pie shop and some signage!! but the rest of the stand was firmly locked.

anyhow, we had seen enough, it was time to go, but not before a team shot taken from the car park!!!

a brill night, i enjoyed this, and it was good to stay above ground for a change!!!


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