Thursday, 7 February 2008

KIDDERMINSTER, bunkers and a sticky end!!

We went to the drakelow ww2 shadow factory last night for a guided tour, which was excellent. those guys down there are REALLY dedicated people what with all the stuff they have to cope with and they do it for the love of it!! the factory itself consists of 4 miles of tunnels, all interconnected and were built in ww2 by rover for the bomb proof production of aircraft components for the bristol aircraft company, then in the 1960s was converted into an rghq (number 9) for use in the event of a nuclear attack, then upgraded in the 1980s to an RSG also for use in the event of a nuclear attack, this place was facinating and i cant wait to visit again, it was a real shame that photos were not allowed, but hey, it means im going to have to back again!!

While we were in the area we thought we would pay a visit to the silos at the former british sugar plant at kidderminster, these silos must be nearly 230ft high and they were my first ever silo climb.the silos were covered in (obviously ) sugar and the whole place stunk of a mixture of old sugar, rat shit AND pidgoen shit, they were not the most pleasent place i have ever been. before we attempted the climb we explored the old production area underneath and found a ladder leading into the bottom of one of the silos, well it would have been rude not to take a peek!!

inside the silo looking UP!!

the sticky silo floor.

anyhow after that, the only way was up, and were SUPRISED to find mendoza (of irrational "were going to fall off and die" fear fame) was following us!!

the climb was long and sticky, and interspersed with broken handrails, holes in the floor and chunks of pidgoen shit on the handrails!! but after a final open air dodgy ladder climb we were finally at the top and the views were simply stunning

all in all, an excellent evening!! thank to havoc for sorting the invite to drakelow, and to mendoza for overcoming your irrational fear of dying!!

untill next time people



Mendoza said...

Was a good evening, Bungle. Although that final ladder to the top was shaky as fook. And my 'irrational fear of dying' is quite rational, when I'm 200 odd feet up in the air!!

bungle666 said...

LOL @ MENDOZA!! it must be irrational, as you DIDNT DIE!!!