Wednesday, 20 February 2008

frozen countryside, bovines and a motel!!

RING RING, RING RING, "whats that mate, a night in the cheshire countryside? count me in!!

And so the plans were made, the meet point and the date was set, a mooch around a site in deepest darkest cheshire, who could refuse??
we arrived at our first target for the night and after crunching around in the frozen undergrowth looking at fences, climbing stuff and getting shredded on the brambles we got busted at the last minute by a torch weilding stealth security ninja!! BUGGER cue myself and havoc running throught the undergrowth to strains of "hello, can i help you?" and "what are you doing here" we wernt hanging around to tell him, and so we were off into the night, closely followed by the newmendoza!!

back at the cars, we talked about what to do next, it was decided on a mooch round an ex MOD fuel depot called twemlow fuel depot, it sounded interesting and was described by havoc as looking "like fucking tellytubby land" well this i had to see!! and after a short drive, and squezze through a fence, we were amongst the bovines in a place that did actually look like tellytubby land!! but that was its only good point, and after getting covered in mud and surrounded by bovines we decided we'd seen enough.

next stop was the saxon cross hotel, this was easy exploring at its VERY best!! walk in entrance, no security, and not too much chav/pikie damage it made for a fun hours exploration.

i didnt take too many pics as i was having an "i cant be arsed with pics" night, but i too a few and here they are.

we did while we were there make time for a pint aswell!!!

but we unfortunately couldnt pay as the till was locked...............

and then, while myself and havoc were exploring some of the bedrooms

this appeared walking down the walkway to the chalet style rooms!!! WTF??!! it turns out it was thenewmendozaclaus!!

the hotel thankfully saved what would have been a VERY dissapointing night, and as for the first site, well watch this space we have unfinished business here!!!


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