Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Works drain, IT WORKS!!

After looking at pics of this place for ages, i finally decided to get off my arse and explore it, and before long i was meeting with peanuts, lil-lilly and andyj23uk,

we made our way towards the outfall only to be met with a symbol of this area of manchester that no only made a nice forground to this pic but provided a handy access to the river!!

anyhow the precarious river crossing safely completed we were staring at the outfall to "the works" a lovelly mix of brick and stone which heightened our anticipation of what lay within.

the works is only around 400yards long, and most of the features are near the end, the twin pipes are the first feature you come accross, with the drain fairy watching over you like a guardian angel!!

the last 50yards is much like the first 350, BRICK!! untill you come to the giants steps, these have to be seen!! as they are truly awesome!!

well, the only was is up as they say!! your met at the top by the twin pipes that come from the otherside of the overflow chamber above, its the attention to these little details that gets me, and i find them stunning!!

the finall set of steps (to the left of the above pic) takes you to the overflow chamber, the drain that runs through it is called "inhospitable" and apparently lives up to its name, the big door of sluice gate loom large and the little steel bridge sags and groans with your weight as you walk on it!!

possibly the most intersting part of the explore, is the little room above the sluice that contains the winder for the gate itself!! it must be a heavy beast for 2 men to shift it!!

that done it was time to move out, but not before a few final pics!! the first of some drain finds that a previous explorer has stacked up in a manhole shaft recess!!

the final 2 were took on the way out in the outfall, i think these are my faves of all the trip!!

thanks for looking!!



nikki88 said...

wow amazing pics, just wondering where this drain in in manchester, been trying to find out for a while. what to do some exploring myself. cheers

bungle666 said...

im NOT going to publish location details on an open forum, but there is PLENTY of info about on the urbex and draining forums that are around that should enable you to find this place!!


hatever said...

omg the stairs are really awesome!!!