Friday, 21 November 2008

New camera, and a trip to fletchers. perfect!!

I have been looking to get a new camera for ages, now dont get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with the fuji S5600 i have been using, its just i have outgrown it, SO i have aquired a NIKON D40!! and i must say it really is marvellous!!

anyhow the day after i got it i thought to myself hmmmmmmmmm where can i got to test it out?? ahhhhhhhhhhh fletchers of course!! and as peanuts hasnt seen it yet i organised a last minuite trip!!

now it must be said, fletchers has been done by myself before, and it really is a marvellous place, i had expected it being TRASHED afterall every explorer in the country has been now, but suprisingly it wasnt that bad and i STILL managed to find stuff i hadnt seen before even after 4 visits!! and i came out with 100 ish images, a small selection i will post below.
not too bad for a first outing with a new camera eh!!


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