Saturday, 24 October 2009

Megatron Drain, Sheffield oct 09

Hmmmmmmmmm Sheffield, a place that is made of fail for me, EVERYTIME i explore something in steel city SOMETHING goes wrong. BUT luckily today that wasnt to be and we had an enjoyable 3 hours in MEGATRON a place that truly lives up to its name!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, this place looks properly subterranean! Nice work.
Have you been exploring for long?
Pretty new to it but finding plenty of places to hit in London.
West Park Asylum is on the cards soon. Maybe you've heard of it?

Timmy Plumber said...

Hi, I’m from Sheffield too! I will have to take a trip to see this in the future with my camera. It does look interesting. Is there anywhere else in Sheffield which I should check out?

bungle666 said...

Lots of places timmy, do some research and you will find them!!

Darmon Richter said...

These shots are awesome, mate... really nice work!

bungle666 said...

Thanks Darmon! Jeez, i ddint think anyone looked at this site anymore :D