Sunday, 29 January 2012


Is anyone still there?? LOL

Ive had a little clean up on the old blogaroo! re-focused it, back to showcasing exploring! I MIGHT even press it back into service this year! who knows!

anyhow, Im slowly coming back out of hiding... and am available for "stuff" so if you wanna do summat, drop me a line!



Friday, 15 April 2011

bungle666UE's photostream

Beethams tower | the Hilton hotel, ManchesterBeethams tower | the Hilton hotel, Manchesterthe Works drain, Manchesterthe Works drain, ManchesterMegatron, SheffieldMegatron, Sheffield
Botanical gardens stationInverkip power stationInverkip power stationInverkip power stationWinston barracksSaint Peters seminary
Wredon quarry, control panelHulme FlumeMacro + BypassMacro + BypassBig butts

Go take a look folks! call it a best of site if you like! LOL....

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Oldham Werneth and Central rail tunnels.. JAN 2010

As everybody knew the Oldham loop line was closing for conversion to metrolink, i had my eye on these even before the line closed!

The line itself opened in the 1860s for the lancashire and yorkshire railway. the werneth tunnel and the oldham central tunnel stand between oldham werneth station and oldham mumps station. werneth tunnel measures 471yards and central is 449yards long. the 2 are seperated by a short cutting.

the line closed for conversion to metrolink trams on the 3rd october 2009.

it closed in october, so what took you so long i hear you ask? Well other stuff just kept coming up, and these wernt going anywhere!! Anyhow i got a call off thenewmendoza "fancy doing them tunnels in oldham??" "yea why not" i replied, so off we went!!

Its a pretty un-nerving feeling walking in a railway tunnel with the tracks still in situ, you find yourself constantly checking for the noise of an approaching train, despite the fact that you know none will come!!

These 2 shots (above and below) were taken from inside the short cutting that joins the tunnels together, it was a really quiet and settled place to be despite being just off the town centre in Oldham!!
Internally the tunnels were no different from any other i have seen except to say there are no air vents within due to the short lengths of the tunnels, the curve was also very noticeable on the central tunnel which added to the place i think!!

Thanks goes out to thenewmendoza for a top night.

for the forum based report then visit HERE for the report on 28dayslater

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Megatron Drain, Sheffield oct 09

Hmmmmmmmmm Sheffield, a place that is made of fail for me, EVERYTIME i explore something in steel city SOMETHING goes wrong. BUT luckily today that wasnt to be and we had an enjoyable 3 hours in MEGATRON a place that truly lives up to its name!!


Friday, 12 June 2009

LIVE INFIL- Lafarge cement, Hope, Derbyshire, 06/09

This industrial giant, hidden in the hope valley, has been begging for an explore for AGES. it has been talked about and talked about for as long as i have been expolring for!!!

Well finally after a drain fail (rain and high water FTL :( ) we decided to go to hope for a snoop round!!

well after a few comedy moments, and some stealthing around dodging from shadow to shadow and from tree to tree taking pics as we went, we decided to have a go at the chimmney. we could see what we thought was the walkway so we went for it!! anyhow we were MAJORLY dissapointed to find this walkway didnt go to the platform, BUGGER. it was preety late by this time and not wanting to outstay our welcome we were off into the darkness, laughing like a pair of hyenas!!

anyhow, im only going to post 5 images, the rest can be seen on this thread

I have to say Thanks to lafarge for giving us the opportunity (without realizing they have) too see this ;) and thanks to mendo for the reccy's and stuff!!


Friday, 5 June 2009

OASIS concert, manchester, 06/09

Ok, not posted on here for AGES, mainly due to the problems posted in earlyer posts, but i couldnt resist posting this. one shot taken from the air of the OASIS gig in heaton park manchester.

sorry for the watermark, i think its OBVIOUS why i have done it. if you require a copy then e-mail me please, the address is at the bottom of the blog!!

just click for some big pic action folks!!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Works drain, IT WORKS!!

After looking at pics of this place for ages, i finally decided to get off my arse and explore it, and before long i was meeting with peanuts, lil-lilly and andyj23uk,

we made our way towards the outfall only to be met with a symbol of this area of manchester that no only made a nice forground to this pic but provided a handy access to the river!!

anyhow the precarious river crossing safely completed we were staring at the outfall to "the works" a lovelly mix of brick and stone which heightened our anticipation of what lay within.

the works is only around 400yards long, and most of the features are near the end, the twin pipes are the first feature you come accross, with the drain fairy watching over you like a guardian angel!!

the last 50yards is much like the first 350, BRICK!! untill you come to the giants steps, these have to be seen!! as they are truly awesome!!

well, the only was is up as they say!! your met at the top by the twin pipes that come from the otherside of the overflow chamber above, its the attention to these little details that gets me, and i find them stunning!!

the finall set of steps (to the left of the above pic) takes you to the overflow chamber, the drain that runs through it is called "inhospitable" and apparently lives up to its name, the big door of sluice gate loom large and the little steel bridge sags and groans with your weight as you walk on it!!

possibly the most intersting part of the explore, is the little room above the sluice that contains the winder for the gate itself!! it must be a heavy beast for 2 men to shift it!!

that done it was time to move out, but not before a few final pics!! the first of some drain finds that a previous explorer has stacked up in a manhole shaft recess!!

the final 2 were took on the way out in the outfall, i think these are my faves of all the trip!!

thanks for looking!!